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Survey On The Future Of The TIF Program

April 13 | Posted by Tom Tresser | Public Action, Research, TIF 101, TIF News, TIF Reform

The TIF Illumination Project has Illuminated 147 TIFs across 25 wards. Over 2,000 people have been at these meetings and over 40 media stories have been written about our work. We’d like to know what YOU think should now be done with or to the TIF Program in Chicago. PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY. THANK YOU!

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TIF Project Highlighted at Planning Conference

March 31 | Posted by Tom Tresser | Research, TIF 101, TIF Illumionation Services, TIF News – Free download of presentations and material from 2013 conference on new ways of doing urban development. We did a piece on the TIF Illumination Project. Also great stuff on how Rockford is using creativity and the arts for economic development and Naomi Davis presenting on her vision for grassroots community development.


Who Plans What For Who? Let’s Examine Chicago Planning Efforts

January 26 | Posted by Tom Tresser | Privatization, Public Education+Organizing, Research, TIF News

Chicago Teachers For Social Justice and the CivicLab are collaborating for a six-week session where people come together to examine an issue in order to act. It’s called “Inquiry To Action” and the inquiry we are hosting at the Lab starts on February 25, 2014. We will meet from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on six Tuesdays through April 1. GRASSROOTS VISIONS FOR... Read more

The Perils Of Privatization

December 19 | Posted by Tom Tresser | About us, In The News, Privatization, Research, Tax Scams, TIF News

Historian and reporter for The Nation Rick Perlstein is doing a series of articles on the perils of privatization. In this 13 minute interview on WBEZ he lays out the reasons to be very skeptical about the sorts of deals Chicago is “forcing down the throats” of the taxpayers. He gives a shout out to the work of Tom Tresser... Read more

We Could’ve Told Them…

December 14 | Posted by Tom Tresser | Research, Tax Scams, TIF 101, TIF News

From AlterNet, “Corporate Extortion: States Are Giving Billions to Corporations That Don’t Create Jobs.” We learn that… “Economic development officials value business tax incentives as tools needed to compete with other states,” a November report commissioned by New York State’s Tax Reform and Fairness Commission began, stating their presumptive selling point. “There is, however, no conclusive evidence from research studies conducted... Read more

Winners & Losers In The TIF Game

November 27 | Posted by Tom Tresser | In The News, Research, TIF 101, TIF Abuse, TIF News

From the Chicago Reader, “Those who got, get more. And those who don’t got, get the shaft. All in the name of eradicating blight. Beale was absent for Wednesday’s showdown—so he didn’t cast a vote one way or another. But Alderman Foulkes was the only representative of a relatively poor west- or south-side ward who voted against the mayor. It’s pretty sad that... Read more

Are YOU In A TIF District? Get Illuminated!

November 25 | Posted by Tom Tresser | Public Education+Organizing, Research, TIF 101, TIF Illumionation Services, TIF News

Now you can get your own personal TIF Ilumination! For the absurdly low price of $25 we will tell you: (1) If you are in a TIF District. (2) If you are, then we will tell you the name of the TIF, when it was created, how much money it extracted in 2012, how much money was left in the TIF at... Read more

“TIF 101″ Workshop Oct. 30

October 27 | Posted by Tom Tresser | Public Education+Organizing, Research, TIF 101, TIF News, TIF Town Meeting, Training

You’re heard all about them. Now it’s time to learn all about TIFs. “TIF 101” is Wednesday, October 30 at the CivicLab at 7pm. We did the research. We know what TIFs are doing in every ward. Come to the strangely entertaining workshop and then YOU’LL know too! The CivicLab is hosting all sorts of workshops on civic matters. Hydroponic... Read more

DePaul Stadium Forum & 2nd Ward TIFs

October 4 | Posted by Tom Tresser | Public Education+Organizing, Research, TIF 101, TIF News, TIF Town Meeting

Students as DePaul organized a public forum on the proposed DePaul Stadium and asked for an Illumination of the 17 TIFs inside the 2nd Ward – spotlighting the site and adjacent TIFs. If you want a copy of this presentation please email      

The TIFs of the 2nd Ward from Thomas Tresser
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Sun-Times Illuminates TIFs

September 29 | Posted by Tom Tresser | About us, In The News, Research, TIF 101, TIF News

The TIF Illumination Project was a source for this story in today’s Chicago Sun-Times. Our research was used in the creation of the map that accompanies the story.

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